I’d like to start doing more remixes and maybe collaborations, particularly with people working in the dark ambient and industrial genres. Please get in touch if this is something you might be interested in.

I’ve recently released a few techno tracks as C.Z. Robertson and as Hands of Ruin I’ve released a remix of THYX’s Black Hole. I have a few tracks in the works as Hands of Ruin, but I’m not sure yet whether they’ll form into a cohesive whole or just come out as standalone tracks. I’m working pretty slowly there at the moment, so don’t hold your breath.

And I’m also the main sponsor for Claudio Marino’s Soul in Flames film. I’m really excited that there will be a documentary about Cold Meat Industry, which has obviously been massively influential for my music.

London → Sheffield

I moved to Sheffield last year. This is after spending my entire life in London, so it’s quite a change. I’m slowly trying to build up a bit of a social life here, so if you live in Sheffield or nearby and you’d like to say hello, please do get in touch.