You Dare Me Love You

You dare me love you

Call me coward


It is a little thing to love

Will I not come

So near?

You know that love would drown me

What would you then

Retrieve me?

That you would not do

Love loves not love lost

So deep.

I’ll not come down to love you

However sweet you call

Enveigle me.

If you would love and suffer love

Lift up your heart, not

Fondle it.

There’s love and life enough for all

Up here within the mind

Not barrenness

Stretch your love’s light wings

They’ll hold you

And grow.

Love’s span should ’brace us both

With ease and room

To move.

I’ll not squeeze in on penance

To be nipped immediate.

Go take your earthbound love

And learn to fly, I’ll

Follow you.