Love Is Not Whole And Dies As One

Love is not whole and dies as one.

Its many bodies divergent motions need

And each an appetite to serve, in turn

Thus sides and wiles to keep it live

However fanciful, are not to be despised.

Love is like this, it will be loyal

Serve you to the death, if kept in

Order and its substances full fed and fat.

It will not brook a diet alien to its needs

Nor high ideals substitutes for grist

Its millstones sigh for to enlarge it.

To draw true love, keep well ahead

And wave your wares to the general air

Yet speak to private ear in monotone.

Anticipate its needs, what it must have

Yet will not ask for, and half ashamed to take

And with your words and miens o’er hung

And drawn, full canopy your love, passion

Must your password to all quarters be.