Words by c.z.robertson

ORCHID chopstick

2008-08-25 15:57:17 GMT/BST

From the elaborate packaging of some very pretty chopsticks I was given last week:

Just as we can conceive a word in a grain of sand, we can perceive the universe from a pair of chopsticks. As a top company, ORCHID chopstick, which specialise in chopsticks, sale of chopsticks as craft work. The unique managing concepts of ORCHID chopstick bring up an enterprise from a pair of chopsticks.

Chopsticks are not only a kind of dispensable tableware in our daily life, but also a perfect present for our relatives and friends. The significance of chopsticks as a present is lies in the homophonies of chopsticks in Chinese with the implied meanings of happiness and luckiness for newly-married couples, chopsticks also expresses the sincere wishes to persons who are becoming one family and having babies as soon as possible. For children, it means fast growth and for aged, it brings happiness, health and longevity. Furthermore, chopsticks come up as a pair which is indispensable of each other, therefore, chopsticks can be a symbol of solidarity and friendship. As a present for friends, chopsticks means good things come as a pair and a long lasting friendship.