Words by c.z.robertson

Weekend reading

2007-08-26 09:40:26 GMT/BST

Last weekend's entry was postponed by switching my web hosting from UKFSN to a virtual machine hosted by Bytemark. I temporarily broke my Catkin installation. Sometimes it's better to move forward even if it means breaking something. You'll be forced to fix it soon enough anyway.

Here's a relationships special:

  • Interviews with Pamela Druckerman on the subject of international attitudes to infidelity in The Observer and Macleans.ca.
  • Brad Bollenbach on women, relationships and happiness. If this isn't how you approach your relationships, read material like this every day until it is. Zan Perrion's 3rd trait of the natural seducer, "he has a purpose in life that isn't her", was a big influence on my thinking in this area.