Words by c.z.robertson

Getting Things Done: Logs

2005-05-08 16:36:14 GMT/BST

I've added a small motivational hack to the GTD system: I keep a log of the things I achieve throughout the day. This is useful in three ways:

Firstly, it focuses me on what needs to be done. When I reach a point where I'm not doing anything, I ask myself what I'd like to see in my log next. Then I go to my Next Actions list and pick something from there. (Theoretically, having the Next Actions list should be sufficient for this effect, but I find that the log helps to reinforce it.)

Secondly, it raises my spirits when I feel like I haven't got anything done. Usually when I feel like that it's because I've actually been doing lots of mundane or trivial tasks. Having it written down that I actually have got stuff done prevents me from getting depressed at those points.

And thirdly, it helps when I'm filling in the timesheets at work.