Words by c.z.robertson

Getting Things Done: Technology

2005-04-25 07:24:35 GMT/BST

I started off by keeping my all my lists on a private Wiki. Given that most of the stuff that I do is at a computer, either at home or at work, that didn't seem unreasonable. However, I do spend a fair amount of time on trains and tubes and I found it frustrating that I didn't have access to my lists at those times.

I also started carrying a small notebook around with me so that I would be able to write notes to myself that I could later process as an inbox. However, it turns out that fumbling around with pen and paper is quite inconvenient, and that's a sufficient disincentive to prevent me writing a lot of the notes that I'd have liked to write.

When I got a Treo I started using that to edit my Wiki while I was out. That was an improvement, but still, using the Treo's browser to edit forms is quite a chore. I also used the Treo for notes, and ditched the notebook. That was good.

Eventually I gave in and just started using the Treo's Todo program to store my next actions, while I kept my projects and someday/maybe lists on the Wiki. I then found myself adding entries to my next actions saying "enter so-and-so on someday/maybe", so now I have them all in the Treo. An unexpected bonus of this is that I can now do my reviews wherever I am.

I guess the moral of this story is that your lists should be with you at all times and as easy to edit as possible.