Words by c.z.robertson

Don't Piss on the Fish

2004-11-05 16:56:49 GMT/BST

A good night on Wednesday. My friends in twentysixfeet had organised a night of good music on a boat on the Thames, as part of their Don't Piss on the Fish series.

First on were The Exploits of Elaine who played some very nice post-rock, in the vein of Mogwai and perhaps a bit of Tortoise. I enjoyed them immensely.

Then twentysixfeet came on. They had a few technical problems, but that's standard with the amount of kit they bring on stage. It didn't stop them giving a good performance of their complex melodic rock.

Then Culture Industry gave us some grim post-punk. Not the highlight of the night, but quite enjoyable nonetheless. Between verses the singer plays an instrument with a small keyboard but powered by blowing into a tube. I want one.

Finishing the night off were The Violets. A stylishly-dressed trio who played punk with some nice sharp guitar melodies.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable night. I look forward to the next one.

the exploits of elaine graham - www.theexploitsofelaine.co.uk

2004-12-19 23:06:50 GMT/BST

very glad you enjoyed our set *thumbs up*