Words by c.z.robertson

Transit of Venus

2004-06-08 10:01:54 GMT/BST

Travellers on the Thameslink this morning may have seen me wearing some silly-looking shades over my normal glasses this morning, and probably looking like a bit of a nutter. It's all in a good cause though. I've been watching the transit of Venus. It's still going on as I type. Looking through my solar viewing shades, it looks like there's a tiny black speck at the bottom of the sun. It's not visually stunning, but it's still pretty cool to be able to watch Venus passing between us and the sun.

Eleni - http://planewalk.net

2004-06-15 09:14:27 GMT/BST

Ah, pity, I missed that. And the visibility should have been pretty good here (it's certainly closer to the Middle East than London is).