Words by c.z.robertson


2004-06-07 00:46:19 GMT/BST

Just got back from NotCon, which was a lot of fun. Organised by the some of the same people that did the Festival of Inappropriate Technology a couple of years ago. This was more of a straight techie affair, which was perhaps a little sad -- it'd be nice to have another art and technology gathering -- but it was a very cool event nonetheless.

My friend Steev gave a short talk on home automation. In particular, how to email your VCR to tell it what to record. Danny O'Brien's Lifehacks talk was fascinating (and I've realised that I should make my secret software public). I learnt a bit more about Freenet from Ian Clarke's talk. And I spoke briefly to Richard Jones of AudioScrobbler.

Also, there's some photographic evidence of my presence at the event. I'm the blur immediately to the left of the blue pillar.