Words by c.z.robertson


2004-01-03 23:00:39 GMT/BST

I'm listening to Gnomoradio playing my own music. Which is pretty cool.

Gnomoradio follows a similar idea to iRATE. But while iRATE gets its music from various music sites, Gnomoradio only plays music that it knows is licensed under a CC license. Musicians have to register on the site before Gnomoradio will play their music.

With only seven bands on Gnomoradio at the moment, the selection is a bit limited. And that's compounded by the fact that the version I've just compiled only wants to play ogg files and not mp3s. I'll try to fix that now.

Jim Garrison - http://gnomoradio.org/

2004-01-10 22:05:20 GMT/BST

Make sure esd is running to play mp3s. This is fixed in the latest cvs snapshot :)