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Fahrner Image Replacement *cough* *cough*

2003-06-20 21:20:08 UTC

I've just been reading about the Fahrner Image Replacement technique. It's a neat idea, and it's good to see that people are making use of it. In fact, I know what a cool and exciting idea it is because I had it myself back in 1999.

I admit, though, that I never wrote a nice tutorial, and I didn't do any investigation of its accessibility implications, so perhaps I don't deserve all that much credit for it. And of course I don't actually know when Todd Fahrner had the idea, though doing a Google search on "Fahrner Image Replacement" doesn't bring up any results from before 2003. I also don't know how many other people have had exactly the same idea. (I'm guessing that Douglas Bowman came up with it independently.)

Am I bitter that Todd Fahrner got his name attached to the idea rather than me? Well, not much. Actually I'm quite chuffed. Fahrner is a smart and knowledgeable guy. I had an idea that was worthy of being attributed to him.


2003-08-05 00:33:49 UTC

Yeah, I had the same idea over a year ago. It seemed such an obvious thing I never bothered giving it a 2nd thought, until it was treated like the 2nd coming in certain circles.

James Craig - http://www.cookiecrook.com/

2003-08-08 22:05:13 UTC

Yeah, I think a lot of people had the idea independently. I came up with a similar one in September 2001, but admittedly, it wasn't nearly as refined as the current techniques. It replaced the background image of a transparent gif.

Here's the original: http://www.cookiecrook.com/webx/css_rollover.htm