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Catkin 0.3.0

2003-06-03 22:56:24 UTC

It's taken 4 months, which is far longer than I'd have wanted, but it's done at last. I've released Catkin 0.3.0.

The biggest change is that I've switched from using HTML::Template to Template Toolkit. This means that the templates are a lot more powerful now. I've also revised the template system so that you can now have as many templates as you like, rather than being limited to the set that was there in earlier versions.

There have also been some interesting internal changes. All the data is now stored as DOM nodes. This should make it possible in the future to have plugins storing their own data with each entry.

I'll do the Freshmeat announcement tomorrow. First I want to make a simple package of Template Toolkit so that people can install it without having shell access to their server.


splinter - http://killerbees.org.uk

2003-06-06 21:12:05 UTC

"you may also need to edit the "use lib" line to point to the directory where you keep your Perl libraries."

You may? You do.

What's pedantic?

colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2003-06-15 07:18:50 UTC

Pedantic, yes. Correct, no.

There are several reasons why it might not be necessary to edit the use lib line. You might have put the Catkin libraries (and whatever else Catkin needs) in your system-wide perl libraries directory, and Perl should know where that one is already. Alternatively, you might have set up the PERL5LIB environment variable and put the Catkin libraries in a directory in that list. Either of those would make the use lib line redundant.

Does this mean I've persuaded you to give Catkin a go? :)

colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2003-06-15 07:23:30 UTC

Ok, "tomorrow" didn't quite happen. Instead I went off to Yorkshire and Cumbria for a week and a bit. I'll try to get that simple Template Toolkit package done soonish. In fact, I might start thinking about an installer...