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Csound is now Free

2003-05-10 10:10:24 UTC

Csound has for a long time languished under an ambiguous, not quite open-source license. Yesterday evening, in a post to the various Csound mailing lists, Dr Richard Boulanger announced that Csound is now licensed under the GNU LGPL, with the documents licensed under the GNU FDL. (Barry Vercoe has also written about the re-licensing.) This is great news. Welcome to the open-source community, Csound.



2003-05-14 01:49:58 UTC

...that's the Free Software community--good sir.

colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2003-05-16 10:37:14 UTC

hmm, tricky one isn't it? You wouldn't want to insult someone by implying that they had Stallman-esque Free Software beliefs when they didn't, but then, when you start thinking about the distinctions between the two, "open-source community" doesn't sound quite right either. Open-source is a bit too business- and marketing-oriented to be getting into all that community fluffiness.

Oh well. For the most part the communities referred to by those phrases are one and the same, so it doesn't make much difference practically speaking. It's just a terminological nightmare.