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Killer Bees

2003-04-18 17:42:39 UTC

My friend Afraz (aka Splinter) is in the process of building himself a website. Here's an extract from Monday's blog entry:

What I really wanted to talk about today was Frankenstein. A great misconception is being thrown around today like a big whale of falsificatory badness. Like all whales, it's a mammal (and we all know what that means). Anyway the misconception of which I speak can best be illustrated by illustrations. But I don't have time for that and so I'll just re-create below what a typical conversation centred around this misconception might go like via the miracle of italics;

I was at university with this guy. I've been subjected to this stuff for three years. Now the rest of the world can see how I've suffered.

Eleni - http://planewalk.net

2003-04-19 20:33:16 UTC

Hey, seems like fun to me. :D

colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2003-04-21 07:58:52 UTC

Yeah, it's all fun and games until your brains start oozing out of your ears.

not them

neither - http://www.killerbees.org.uk ...woops

2003-04-21 09:30:17 UTC

Now I am neither afraz nor the guy below. No, I'm some one, completely, different.


Anyway I'd just like to say that Colin has pants for brains and so the effect of watching pants coming out of some ones ears would be comical enough to be worth that persons imminent death.

slurps, not afraz or the guy below

im not him

not afraz - http://www.killerbees.org.uk

2003-04-20 23:31:50 UTC

Let me start off by telling you all that I am in no way afraz, not even a little bit. Infact I am *so* not afraz that I ... erm, am not him, at all.

Right, now that's settled; Hey he seems really cool! I bet he's really pretty and witty. I wish I could meet him/be him. Girls who are interested (and you *should* be) would probably find him willing to try new and erotic things ... or ... so ... it seems. From what I read on his sight I mean. Not that he's a pervert though. I mean ...

Remember, not afraz.

P.S. Colin is a stupid head.


2003-04-24 20:57:01 UTC

*knots herself laughing*

Ok, I think I got the drift!... :P