Words by c.z.robertson


2003-03-20 10:32:10 UTC

I've been using AudioScrobbler for a little while. It's a collaborative filtering system for music. A plugin in your audio player of choice reports your listening habits to the server, and from that data it can find other users who are similar to you.

I haven't been using it long enough for the collaborative filtering to kick in (I suspect that the 500 song threshold is a little high). However, I've already discovered a cool side-effect of using it: I now have a page that I can point people to which shows what I listen to. Indeed, I'm finding the data quite interesting myself. Perhaps I should set up a separate logging system on my own machine so that I could do my own analysis.


2003-04-24 21:02:38 UTC

I got Audioscrobbler too. :)

Funny, if you click on Forma Tadre, it only shows you and me having them on our playlist. :o

Of course... I only get weird music from you. :P


colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2003-04-24 22:05:37 UTC

yeah, well, that's the way it goes. Everyone should listen to Forma Tadre. He's amazing.