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Waging clarification

2003-02-26 23:19:58 UTC

Jeremy Bowers responds positively to my criticism.

The biggest personal problem I've faced in my writing is the tendency towards extreme verbosity... Now, you do have to admit, while this is a lot clearer and more rational, even if you disagree, even if you are in the group I'm ragging on, that my previous message has much more punch, no?

Certainly. Writing briefly is a difficult skill. Unfortunately, when it fails, it can fail badly.

It can't be cast in black-and-white, with the heroic Peace protesters on one side against the evil War hawks.

I can't argue with that. But from my side of the fence it often looks like those of us against an invasion are being made out to be evil or cowardly. All that "you're either with us or against us" and "Axis of Weasels" rhetoric has been very antagonistic.

Also, it's precisely that sort of thing that's convinced me that war is such a bad idea. While I'm a naturally cautious and peaceful person, it might have once been possible to persuade me that it was worth risking a war in order to improve things for the Iraqis. But the terrible belligerence of the American government over the last few months has only served to convince me that Iraq will not be in good hands when the war is won.

By the way, you can call this blog "Words" or "Words by c.z.robertson" or "colin's talking nonsense again" or whatever you like, really. I tend to call it "Words by c.z.robertson" to make it a little less ambiguous. Obviously, I only called it Words because I'm crap at naming things.