Words by c.z.robertson

Waging life and confusion

2003-02-25 22:21:40 UTC

I find myself dismayed by Jeremy Bowers' cry of "Wage Life". Of course, I'm not happy to see anyone supporting an invasion of Iraq, but that's not what bothers me most about this. What bothers me more is that Jeremy Bowers, who is usually so insistent that we should be clear and precise when we speak, is now using such obfuscating and emotionally-loaded language.

"Wage Life" is not a very helpful thing to say. Of course promoting life over death is a good thing. Who could possibly disagree?

But that's not the question that faces us. I don't see anyone going around arguing that we should wage death. The question that faces us is this: Should we invade Iraq? Is an attack on Iraq the best way to promote life? And that's where I disagree with Jeremy.

"Wage Life" is, to my mind, a content-free phrase which can only confuse the issue. This is not the right way to conduct a debate.