Words by c.z.robertson

Signs and banners

2003-02-16 14:27:16 UTC

Of the signs and banners that I saw yesterday, these were my favourites:

  • On one side, the Evening Standard's billboard "Blair Fury at Peace March". On the reverse, the same billboard cut up and rearranged to say "Peace March Fury at Blair".
  • With the same typography as The Empire Strikes Back logo, "The Empire Strikes Again".
  • Another Star Wars theme: In the style of a poster for Star Wars Episode II, "Gulf Wars Episode II: Clone of the Attack", with pictures of Bush, Saddam, etc. The execution of this one was superb.
  • A large banner with a picture of William Morris. It had us scratching our heads for a while. Apparently there's a William Morris society who are opposed to the war.