Words by c.z.robertson

A short story about security

2003-02-03 22:29:09 UTC

A little story about the security in shops:

On Saturday, me and a friend went to Forbidden Planet on New Oxford Street and I bought a couple of books there. I paid at the counter, put the books in my bag, and we left. As I walked out, the security gate beeped, but I didn't think much of it since I hadn't stolen anything. Besides, the exit was quite busy and I glanced behind me and saw the guy behind me being stopped, so I assumed it had beeped for him.

So then we went down to Borders on Charing Cross Road, and as we walked in, the security gate beeped. This time there was no one else around, so I waved my bag in front of the detector to confirm that it was me making it beep, which it was. Obviously, the person at the counter in Forbidden Planet had failed to deactivate the security tags on the books I'd bought.

We walked around the store for a while, and when we left I knew that the gate would beep again, so I just ignored it as I walked out, and no one stopped me.

It just confirms my general belief about security systems: that they don't do much to improve security.


2003-02-05 20:40:34 UTC

Gosh, I've had this happen to me as well, and the problem was that they couldn't find -what- amongst the contents of my bag was causing the gate beside the counter to beep. I was quite annoyed when they actually asked me to empty my bag -- for all I know, I could have all sorts of personal items in there. As they found out, it was a pack of tissues I had bought a few days back. *shrugs*