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Markup geekery and non-geekery

2003-01-17 23:23:34 UTC

Two good bits of markup-related writing that have been sitting around in my bookmarks for months or even years:

For the geeky: Simon St. Laurent's Monastic XML is a thoughtful and philosophical set of guidelines on the use of XML. As a developer, I don't always follow these guidelines very well, but the world would be a better place if I did.

For the ungeeky: What Is This Thing Called Structure? by Dorothea Salo. Every graphic designer should read this. In fact, everyone who does any writing should read it.

When I started working with HTML many years ago I didn't believe in structured or semantic markup. I don't know why, now. I just thought that all that mattered was how it looked in the browser. These days, the way it's presented in the browser is usually the last thing I think about (if I think about it at all).

I really wish I'd remembered what caused my conversion. It might've helped me in explaining it to other people.