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I have a blogroll

2002-12-27 18:57:06 UTC

Yes, it took me a while, but I now have a blogroll generated from my AmphetaDesk subscriptions. I'd been thinking about it for a while, but I only did it because l.m.orchard did it and by following a few links I found Jay Han's XSLT code to convert OPML to HTML.

So I hacked on that for a little while, wrote a Makefile that would do a conversion and upload it, and tinkered with SSI and CSS to get it to appear on these pages. (Apologies for any outages caused while I was tinkering.)

Makefiles and shell scripts

colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2002-12-29 01:10:23 UTC

Replying to myself again... I'm not sure what inspired me to do a Makefile instead of a shell script. It seemed like a reasonable thing at the time. I think I was expecting to need a bit more flexibility, but generating and uploading something like that is fundamentally a pretty simple operation, and shell scripts fit better with cron jobs. So that's what I've got now.