Words by c.z.robertson

Creative Commons

2002-12-25 00:21:32 UTC

The new Creative Commons licenses make a wonderful Christmas gift to us all. But they create a fair amount of work for me. First there's the problem that they don't really fit onto my free media licenses page. I felt this with the OpenMusic licenses, and never got round to fixing that. But the CC licenses really demand that I get it fixed.

Also, I like these licenses. So now I have to figure out whether I should dual license my music under the CC ShareAlike license as well as the CzrPL. I'm certainly inclined to do so. There's a lot of value in having a small number of ubiquitous licenses. We've seen that in the open source world already.

So then there's the question of what happens to the CzrPL. Does CC ShareAlike make the CzrPL irrelevant? I think it does. I'll probably keep the CzrPL around, though I don't believe I actually have to. (Anyone who downloaded my music previously may still go by the terms of the CzrPL, but I can stop offering those terms to anyone else. Of course, anyone who still wants to abide by the CzrPL can give my music to other people with the CzrPL attached.)