Words by c.z.robertson

Catkin 0.2.1

2002-10-22 16:08:06 UTC

Catkin 0.2.1 is done.

The coolest new feature is that new entries can be previewed before they're posted, and they can optionally have the HTML auto-corrected so that it's valid XHTML. This HTML auto-correction module (called HTML::Sloppy) was quite a task. I plan to release it separately at some point.

There not much else to 0.2.1. It's a little easier for a new user to set up, and I tweaked the documentation a bit (but it still sucks and I suspect it always will).

The main reason I'm making this release is to get these small improvements out before I start messing with the templates. The changes I'm planning to make in 0.2.2 will all require changes to the templates. Current templates will still work, but they won't take advantage of the new features.

(I then plan to break templates thoroughly for 0.3.)