Words by c.z.robertson


2002-09-10 00:09:18 UTC

Dave Winer says that he's planning to declare RSS 2 final tomorrow. This is a somewhat antagonistic move, because it implies that it's a step onwards from 1.0, when actually it's a step onwards from 0.92. (Which is not to say that the naming of RSS 1.0 was not also antagonistic.)

It's also an unnecessary move. His version of RSS 2.0 is designed to be backwards compatible with RSS 0.92. But the wonderful thing about major version numbers is that you can use them when you want to break backwards compatibility, and otherwise you use minor numbers. So there's no reason why he couldn't just call it 0.94 like he was planning to.

I've been nasty about Dave Winer elsewhere. But now I want to be positive, or at least not negative, so here's my proposal: In the interests of not confusing innocent bystanders, the name "RSS 2" should be off-limits both to Dave Winer and to the RDF folks. At least until some sort of agreement is reached between the two parties. Until then, Dave can continue to use the 0.9x names, and the RDF folks can use 1.x names, and of course either party is welcome to come up with a completely different name.