Words by c.z.robertson

Catkin 0.1.1

2002-08-28 22:46:23 UTC

I've just made a new release of Catkin. It's numbered 0.1.1, because the file formats haven't changed and there aren't any new features.

The major reason to upgrade is that the speed has been somewhat improved. I sometimes get CGI timeouts when rebuilding the 200 or so entries in my blog, and hopefully this should make that a bit less frequent.

Internally there have been some major changes. I've split the formatting out into a module of its own. The structure is a lot nicer now.

In doing this I was aided by Test::Unit. I'm a convert. It's wonderful being able to make some changes and then just run one program to see if anything's been broken. It catches so many little mistakes that might otherwise have gone undiscovered.

Like all programmers, I hate testing, so I'd resisted using a unit testing system for some time, but now I realise that unit testing is great if you hate testing, because it much reduces the effort you have to put into it.