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Caught out by a crippled refund policy

2001-10-29 01:00:00 UTC

Well, Selectadisc have just lost themselves a customer. They say they'll only give refunds for defective products. Unfortunately, they fail to understand that a CD which does not adhere to the Red Book standard so that it will not work with CD-ROM drives is, from the consumer's perspective, defective. Intentionally defective, but defective nonetheless.

They've given me a credit note, and so, by locking me into a purchase there, have ensured that I will refuse to make any further purchases there.

It's a pity, because it's generally a nice shop. Probably around 30-50% of my CDs come from there. But what else can I do? How else can I register my protest?



2001-12-22 23:35:00 UTC

I am from Nottingham and work at the shop in question. Selctadisc do not give refunds because of the fact that some people unfortunately abused the system - purchasing CD's, copying them on tape or CD and then returning them the following day - with the excuse that it was a present for someone etc. They had often gone on to do this several times. This is why we have this policy.

Re: cd's

colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2001-12-31 00:06:00 UTC

I understand why shops have this policy and, in general, it doesn't bother me much, but I don't think it's appropriate in the case of CDs with copy-protection. Shoppers should be able to make the assumption that any CD they buy will be playable on any CD player which is functioning correctly. As far as the Red Book standard for audio CDs is concerned, CD-ROM drives are perfectly adequate devices on which to play audio CDs. The fact that CDs with copy-protection don't play on such devices is entirely due to the fact that those CDs contain intentional defects.

There are three ways in which Selectadisc could regain my confidence. I could start shopping in Selectadisc again if any of these were done:

a) Cease selling copy-protected CDs. That way I could buy in there without any worries.

b) Place a warning in big writing on each copy-protected CD, stating that the CD did not conform to the Red Book standard and therefore would not play in some perfectly adequate CD players. (A small bit of text, on the back, amongst all the other useless little bits of text, and in German, is not adequate.)

c) Have a policy giving cash refunds (not credit notes) for copy-protected CDs. (This is actually my least favourite option, but since I found myself in a position where the above conditions were obviously not in place, it would've been nice if this one had been.)

As I say, Selectadisc is a generally nice place, I have nothing personal against anyone there, and I strongly suspect that no other shops would do any different with copy-protected CDs, but I have principles, and I cannot continue to shop somewhere that does not respect a customer's expectation that a CD will work in any player.



2004-02-27 17:33:04 GMT/BST

This guy is mental!!! before you post such bold statements such as all of the above, think about what youre saying. if its as childish, petty and weak as this, dont bother posting it!

Some badly needed lessons in manners

colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2004-02-28 01:50:12 GMT/BST

If you have nothing useful or constructive to say, refrain from posting. Engage with the argument or keep your mouth shut.

Do not tell people what they should or should not post on my blog. This is my blog, and I have authority here.

And, if you must insult me, please do it with a bit more style.


Rg - http://headlanguetheatre.free.fr

2004-08-25 19:44:15 GMT/BST

I have to say that I worked at selectadisc in London for five years and I am afraid to tell you that more than a moral "you have copied that cd and now say it does not work" question it is more a power thing. I know, I was there and I have done it..."No mate sorry we don't give refunds no It works fine on our cd player, nothing I can do mate, have a credit note.."we are young trendy and can say NO... I am now old untrendy and realise my mistakes..sorry to all those whom I refused during my slecky years..despite this I still have friends who work there (after all this time!!) and it is still a great record shop, but believe me it is a power thing!! sorry (I once saw a bloke take a swing at one of my collegues for this reason and although that was a bit much I can understand his frustration, but of course at the time was on the side behind the counter!!!