Words by c.z.robertson

Waiting for Mozilla 1.0

2001-07-19 01:00:00 UTC

Some people probably think of me as a Mozilla apologist. I've always had faith in the project, and I've been recommending the browser to other people for some time now.

I often see people complaining that, after years of work, Mozilla hasn't yet shipped a product. It struck me today that this is simply untrue. I've been using Mozilla since the beginning of 2000. I uninstalled Netscape 4 about 6 months ago. So to complain that Mozilla hasn't reached 1.0 yet is meaningless -- they've already made a better browser than Netscape 4 and Netscape have already shipped Netscape 6.0 based on Mozilla. Mozilla developers simply have high standards about what should constitute Mozilla 1.0.