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EFF unveil Open Audio License

2001-04-25 01:00:00 UTC

The EFF have just created a license for free music called the Open Audio License. It appears to be viral like the GNU GPL (and my own CzrPL), so I may start dual licensing my music under it.

I'm quite glad to see a high profile organisation creating such a license, since previously it's just been a matter of every person creating their own. It would be nice to have a standard viral free license in the music world just to keep the situation less complex. I thought at one point that the OPL might serve that purpose but I had some specific problems with a few of its clauses, which is why I wrote the CzrPL.

At this stage I'm not entirely convinced about the Open Audio License. I'm not sure how it interacts with other media. For example, what would happen if a piece of music licensed under it was used in a commercial? Would that commercial then be considered a derivative work and would it therefore have to have the same license? I wonder whether the EFF might've been better off making an Open Media License.