Words by c.z.robertson

Modern Legends

2000-08-17 01:00:00 UTC

I've just finished writing Modern Legends: A proposal for collaborative story-telling. It's not the most beautifully written document you've ever seen, but it will have to do.

There's one thing I'd like to say, which didn't really fit into the document very well, about the differences between digital and oral culture. In an oral culture it was inevitable that a story was modified as it travelled, because it could only travel through people, and people are not the most accurate of media. However, when a story travels in a digital culture it can, and probably will, remain exactly as it was when it started. This disappoints me somewhat. While having people actively transmitting stories (or music, images, or whatever) is better than them passively recieving them from centralised media sources, I'd prefer it if they got a bit more involved and became authors themselves.