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Some words about the new design

2000-04-12 01:00:00 UTC

Yes, I know this page looks a bit crap in Internet Explorer, and probably in some other browsers as well. And I know it looks somewhat plain in Netscape 4. The fact that the top of this page says `ords' instead of `Words' in IE is Microsoft's fault, not mine. That's what happens when you make a browser that refuses to honour margin: auto css rules. As for Netscape 4, I wasn't even going to consider getting this layout working in that browser.

But now you have a choice. Netscape 6 preview release 1 was released a few days ago. I've been using it for all my browsing since then. In fact I was using the Mozilla milestones before then, and I'll probably switch back as soon as M15 is done. It's not perfect, but I'm the sort of person who'd rather use something that isn't perfect as long as I know it has potential. And it's the only browser I know of that will do a proper job on this (fairly simple) page.

Oh, and while I'm at it:

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