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Linux - I'm getting there

2000-04-12 02:00:00 UTC

Yesterday I moved all my mail over to Linux. Previously I'd been using Pegasus Mail in Windows, but I've using Linux more and more over the last few months and it was getting to be a bit of a drag rebooting every time I wanted to send any mail. So yesterday I converted all my mail folders to the standard unix mailbox format (that any mailer doesn't use that format by default is criminal). I also wrote two little scripts: one to do the CRLF to LF conversion, and another to rename the files from their cryptic Pegasus filenames to their proper names. It was all rather time consuming, and I've still got a little more tidying up to do.

Now I'm using Spruce for my mail. I'm still not entirely convinced that it's the greatest mailer, but it'll do. Anyway, it's still in development, so I'm not really sure what its final form will be.