Words by c.z.robertson

Word vs. LaTeX

2000-04-10 01:00:00 UTC

I apologise for the long absence. Blame South Bank University. I've been a bit busy with coursework lately. I decided some time ago that I was sick of using Word, so the last piece of coursework I did was documented entirely in LaTeX. This was jumping in at the deep end somewhat, since I needed to do a bunch of diagrams, but I think it was probably less effort to learn LaTeX's picture environment and define a set of commands to draw the common elements than it would have been to draw every diagram in a WYSIWYG editor. Besides, LaTeX is a lovely language. I don't have a postscript printer though, so printing was a little unpleasant.

In the end I learnt far more about LaTeX and postscript than I did about software development.