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Jane Solomon - Hotel 167

2000-03-11 01:00:00 UTC

A few years ago I read a novel called Hotel 167 by a young writer named Jane Solomon. As far as I'm aware it was her first published novel. Since then I haven't heard anything about her, and internet searches have been fruitless. I must have been fourteen or fifteen when I read it, and it had quite an effect on me. From time to time I think about that book and wonder whether she's written anything since.

Jane Solomon

Dan Sumner

2002-01-10 09:39:00 UTC

I believe Jane Solomon was supposed to have new book out sometime during 2001 but I have not seen anything so far.


colin_zr - http://rtnl.org.uk

2002-01-12 00:43:00 UTC

That's interesting. Do you know any more about this? Title, publisher, where you heard about it?

Jane Solomon

James G. Colston - n/a

2002-01-15 17:17:00 UTC


I am Jane Solomon's cousin in the United States (our mothers are sisters). While Jane has continued with her writing, I believe she has recently been putting more of her energies towards a passion of hers, the Tango. She and her boyfriend run a Tango club in London, and for the past couple of years have hosted an international Tango festival. I am told there is a website, maintained by Jane, but I can't seem to find it. It was during my search that I came across this site..! Jane, if you ever see this, I hope I'm more or less on the mark!

Cheers, James

Jane Solomon

Jerry Kelly

2002-08-04 14:10:00 UTC

I met Jane in London some years back, and she was kind enough to show me around her city a bit. I told her at the time that I was working on a book (since published by McFarland here in the States -- entitled Bushville); she told me she was also writing a book. When she sent me a copy of Hotel 167 a couple years later, I was quite taken with it -- it is a dazzling novel, very well done indeed. Since then we've fallen out of touch, but I do hope she continues writing & publishing -- though I am sure she also does an amazing Tango. In any event, I wish her all the best...

Jerry Kelly

Jane Solomon


2004-08-02 23:30:37 GMT/BST

I knew Jane Solomon at university. Jane and I became friends as we realised that we had nothing in common with our peers. We would talk for hours about life, love and John Johnson !!. She was writing her hoted 167 at the time and I am flattered that one of the fleeting characters of the book is loosely based on me. Jane if you read this, get in touch. I'd love to learn the Tango. Get in touch, por favor !

Tu amiga que no te ha olvidado.