Words by c.z.robertson

Thoughts Written in a Lecture

1999-10-06 01:00:00 UTC

Written in Mike Bradley's Computing Culture and Practice lecture because there's nothing better to do. Transcribed later.

People arrive late (in fact I arrived 5 minutes late). Mike complains. These people have interrupted everyone's concentration he says. Well yes, but only because he started complaining about it so much. (Happens again 25 minutes past.)

Why not start 15 minutes later than specified? He must spend at least that amount of time complaining, so little would be lost.

I'd thought that uni would take up much of my time, but if I can do stuff like this in Mike's lectures they might no be such a loss.

That's an amusing claim: Everyone on this course (halfway through the second week) should've used the library already. We've hardly been given any work to do yet. In fact we didn't even have a lecture for this very subject on Friday. That was a waste of a morning.

I don't know how to play poker. Neither does my father. Had he known I'm sure he would've taught me. I suppose poker is something one should know before having children.

It should be possible to release version 1 of Rtnl Mapper very soon. I identified a list of core features which would make it an acceptable version 1. I've added an ini file, toolbar, proper dialog positioning, nohref and empty alt handling options, etc. All that needs to be done now is a manual. Once that is done it should be possible to put it on tucows, etc. At that point I'll make a mailing list.

Mind maps. Are they the work of the devil? Most diagrams, flowcharts, etc. are. JSP (my software development lecturer likes it) is most certainly a thing of evil. Your opinions?

There are >100 people in this room. And no air. I can see one open window (very small).