Words by c.z.robertson

Rtnl Mapper Updates

1999-09-15 02:00:00 UTC

I've been thinking lately that the next feature that should be added to Rtnl Mapper is circle editing. I had been thinking of adding simpler features first, such as code editing and saving settings in an ini file, but I figure that it would be more useful to other people to have circles. (The best thing would be polygons, but that will have to wait.) Currently I don't think I have any users at all so I need to do all I can to attract them.

Of course, development on Rtnl Mapper might be a bit slow in the future as I've just got into programming KDE apps in C++. I haven't programmed in C or C++ before so I'm just learning at the moment. Linux is programmer's paradise. Also I'm starting university next week, so all projects will probably be grinding to a halt.