Words by c.z.robertson

Legal MP3s

1999-08-17 02:00:00 UTC

I also came across an interesting article about legal mp3s. I was thinking about writing something on the subject myself since I believe that it will be free music (like free software) and "weekend musicians" such as myself, rather than piracy, that will be the greatest threat to the music industry. The only thing that depresses me about the current situation is that most people just don't realise how much brilliant music there is being made by musicians who are happy to freely distribute their work. Of course this isn't helped by the number of musicians who believe that no one should benefit from their music without paying them for it. Both groups should pay attention to Stallman.

When I first discovered mp3s I started looking for music by artists I already knew, and I fear that a lot of people never get out of that. What I've discovered since then is that it's far more fruitful to look for artists I've never heard before. I've come across music that's more interesting and more original than anything I can get in the shops. I now spend a lot of time just going through the new uploads at mp3.com in the genres that interest me. Of course there's plenty of bad music, but occasionally there's something that makes it all worth it. For example, yesterday I came across Somnus. Not to everyone's tastes admittedly, but I think they're wonderful. And what are the chances I would've heard them any other way?