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Site Updates

1999-08-16 01:00:00 UTC

Things have been going rather slow around here lately. The site info page has been redone, but a lot later than planned. While doing it I developed another technique for seperating the graphic design and the content, and for keeping images out of the html. It's pretty much the same idea as the one I had a few weeks ago involving setting the width, height and background image of a div tag in order to replace an image tag. I tried setting an anchor tag to display as a block and setting the dimensions and backround image like I did with the div in order to make a replacement for an image in a link, and it works well in Mozilla and IE5, but fails badly in other browsers. I'm not quite sure that it's in line with the CSS and HTML standards as it's all rather ambiguous, but I'd have thought it was the logical interpretation. In fact the amount of ambiguity concerning block and inline elements is quite astounding.