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Site Updates

1999-07-09 01:00:00 UTC

I've redone the front page and the links page (partially). I've also put up some poems on the Arthur Kitching site. The site info page still says this site is designed for version 4 browsers, but one look at the music page, the front page or even this page in Netscape 4.x will tell you otherwise. The current philosophy is that any new pages I design for this site will be have all formatting done purely in CSS. I'm using CSS 2 quite a bit, but where possible I'm trying to make things look ok with CSS 1. This means that the only browsers that will show this site as it should be are Internet Explorer 5 and Mozilla (and I had to do quite a few hacks for IE5).

I've been congratulating myself these last two days for thinking up a really cool way of making an image visible only when the correct style sheet is being applied. I noticed a while ago that there needs to be some way of telling a browser that an image is there purely for decorative purposes, but this isn't possible using CSS. At around 7:45am on Wednesday morning the solution came to me: Make a div block and, using CSS, size it to the height and width of the image and give it the image as its background. There's an example of this on the front page. You can also put in another div block and set the display property to none to make the equivalent of an image's alt text. Pretty cool, huh?

jessica - http://www.usagestatistic.com

2005-07-31 02:25:33 GMT/BST

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