Katarina Mikhail - Singer

Katarina joined the band in 1996, after singing backing vocals for a host of dire metal bands. She believes she is the ??? daughter of Anastasia, and frequently makes pilgrimages to Russia to try and trace her family tree. Her personal attitude to life fits perfectly with the ethos of the Citizens, that the world is a void, and humanity does not deserve to be called such. With Katarina as frontwoman, the Citizens have a bright as crusaders of the underworld. We hope you can join us.

Stella - Muse

Stella was a founding member of Senior Citizen Suicide. It is her inspirational legacy that defines who we are today. Her suicide, in January 1998, left us bereft but determined to carry on. She had always been a candle in the darkness of our pain. We believe that from the time of her birth in Whitby, 1977, she was destined to shine and live in lightness.

Alvina Blood - Keyboards

Alvina was born in 1978 in Estonia, where her parents were working on a leprosy mission. She is the reincarnated soul of Marie Antoinette and her interests include astrology, tarot and the black arts. She currently lives in a shed at the bottom of her parents garden in Surrey, which she shares with a small population of mice, bats and assorted other animals. She claims to be the main channel between the spirit of Stella and the rest of the band.

Paul Sykes - Bass

Paul was born in Castleford, Yorkshire, in 1977. He was found abandoned in a doorway by nuns and grew up in a succession of children's homes. No one is quite sure when his obsession with fire began, but in his first court appearance in 1991, aged 14, the judge called him "a monster ... this boy's motivation was pure evil". The judgement is now framed. His criminal record is a catalogue of 219 offences, and he spent the period between 1991-1999 in a series of young offenders institutions. Addicted to several drugs including lighter fluid and heroin, he has also spent several years in rehab.

Sven - Drums

Inspired by the drummer from Def Leppard, Sven never let his lack of arms - ripped off in a bizarre washing up incident - put him off his drumming dream.

Edgar - Electronics

Edgar is a solitary and shy poet and technical wizard. He's too quiet to have told anyone about himself.