In a small side-street brothel in Prague, some time after the Velvet Revolution, and before the American invasion, the seeds of Senior Citizen Suicide were sown. This was where Katarina met Alvina and together they formed the essential unit which would bring together the rest of the band.

Katarina was staying in the red light district to avoid the investigations of the KGB, because of her dubious Russian ancestry. Alvina was three days into a trek across Europe, having been thrown out of her parent's home, and had decided she would earn money by any means possible.

Meanwhile in North London, Sykes had just been released after nine months in Wormwood Scrubs for arson, but had not made many friends inside, and was quickly targeted on his release. He came across Gudmunssen whilst raiding the storage room. Gudmunssen was in hospital after the amputation of an arm, which, rather than defeating his dream of becoming a drummer, encouraged him more than ever. Fearing more reprisals if he stayed in London, Sykes persuaded Gudmunssen to flee to Prague with him. They met the girls in a bar playing karaoke Machine Head, and volunteered to do a duet.

Edgar was found in a dark cafe at 2am by the others. At the time he was sitting in a corner drinking milk, with his headphones on, reading The Trial (what else!). Alvina recognised him strangely, and when they introduced themselves it suddenly occurred to her that she and Edgar had been at school together, back in Surrey.

Much had changed about Edgar. He was gaunt and aloof, with hair longer than the girls' combined, but just as Alvina remembered, it was still almost impossible to get any conversation out of him. However, after a heavy drinking session and a night under Chales(?) Bridge, Edgar agreed to join the others, in what was rapidly becoming the most exciting band in existence.

Back in London they began to record, really just amalgamating all the ideas and inspirations picked up in Prague. Gudmunssen remembered a girl he had once met at a party, whose philosophy was exactly what was needed to make SCS complete. So Stella arrived, and although she never actually took part in any of the recordings, just having here there was enough.

After the first demo, 'Bodily Functions', was finished the Citizens began to get gigs around London, in pubs and backyard holes where many other bands had tried and failed to make their mark. But SCS were quickly spotted by the dodgy manager who would be responsible for their enthusiastic if erratic touring schedule.

Of course it was decided that, being the home of dark music, Scandinavia was the only place to go. So for a year the band spent weeks on end perfecting their style, writing performing, and vomiting in every public toilet in Latvia. When, in 1997, they ended up back in Prague, disillusioned by its inevitable corporate takeover, the Citizens decided that it was time to return to London, record the material that had been accumulated over the past year and unleash themselves on Britain.