Martin Robertson

Now and Then

Two Poems from a New Life

1.  Time

‘The enemy’

people say,

meaning Time.

Enemy indeed he tends to seem:

longed-for hours, almost as soon

as entered, gone;

yet drags his feet

down grey boredoms, the grim wait;

always his mocking game

stacked against us.  


But no, not always.

These two days,

two nights, when our

long affection opened its cactus-flower,

we noticed Time

choosing to walk with us

at our shared natural pace,

and so shared joy is a shared peace,

a home.

It had to end

but, lived fully, still is.

Time, this time,

shows himself a friend.

2.  Distance

Larks with difficulty into the wild wind

wing, singing against it as they lift

and their trilling is mostly scattered, lost in

defeating gusts, but comes in bright bursts as if

to remind me that your voice from the far distance

is calling me always, and that mine can call

(bursts of song) back to you, and that all

these gales, miles, months cannot defeat love’s existence.