Martin Robertson

Now and Then

About Professor Martin Robertson

Martin Robertson was born on 11 September 1911, and died on 26 December 2004.

His professional life was devoted to the study of Greek Antiquity.  After a period as Assistant Keeper in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities in the British Museum, he held successively the Yates Chair of Classical Art and Archaeology in the University of London, and the Lincoln Chair of Classical Archaeology and Art in the University of Oxford.

His publications include Greek Painting (Skira 1959); A History of Greek Art (Cambridge University Press 1975); The Parthenon Frieze (with Alison Frantz, Phaidon 1975); A Shorter History of Greek Art (Cambridge University Press 1981); and The Art of Vase-painting in Classical Athens (Cambridge University Press 1992).

He also published poetry, including Crooked Connections (Outposts Publications, 1970) and A Hot Bath at Bedtime (Robert Dugdale, 1977; ISBN 0950388025).  These two collections are out of print, but most of the poems from them are available on this website.  Another volume, containing the single long poem The Sleeping Beauty’s Prince, is also still available in book form from the publisher:  The Sleeping Beauty’s Prince, Robert Dugdale, 1977; ISBN 0950388041.  The book is illustrated by Barnaby Fitzgerald.